Mia Donovan is a documentary storyteller based in Montreal.  She began her career as a documentary photographer in 2001 until she met Lara Roxx whose experience in the porn industry inspired her to make INSIDE LARA ROXX (2011).  Donovan followed with DEPROGRAMMED (2015), a feature documentary inspired by her stepbrother's deprogramming from an alleged Satanic cult in the early 1990s.  Her films have been presented worldwide at film festivals, on TV broadcasts, theatrically and on digital platforms like Netflix.  She has won numerous awards including The Don Haig Award in 2012 and the IDFA Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling in 2016 for her first VR experience called DEPROGRAMMED VR.  She is currently working on her third feature documentary and her second VR experience with Eyesteelfilm and Dpt.



Photo by John Londono 2019.